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Sumba is one of big Island in East Nusa Tenggara province located south east of Indonesia is bordered by Sawu sea in the north, east and west part and by Hindi a ocean in south part. Sumba is the Island mostly covered by savanna with hot weather hole the year. Short rainy season a year started from December to March and the rest is dry season. Peoples are living as farmer and cattle. Even with driest weather in Indonesia, Sumba peoples have adapted for their cultivation since their ancestor to the weather. Sumba Island with 70% Savanna suit for cattle around that Sumba people take and work on the Savanna area to arrange their animals every day. By this condition, Sumba is very well-known with their cattle’s that most famous is Sumba horses. The horses are used for their ceremonies to worship their spirit called MERAPU. Annually from February to March Sumbanesse celebrate to their spirit with PASOLA. It is very well-known by their fighting horses from two group is ridden by a man on back of horses then throwing each other. However to know the schedule of this attractions and places are doing,  MegaKomodoTours.com as local travel agent always get information any time to give visitor if we get some request. In some place people still believe to Merapu as their spirit to their ancestor and creator. Although mostly people believe to Christian but tradition is hold by every body with their ceremonies is doing along the year.
Sumba Island is one of very well-known hand weaving either in Indonesia or international standard. Hand weaving is main job by women in Sumba Island. Motif is vary and strong clothes made with traditional process from nature materials and tools. To get one clothes women spend more than 2 months to process since collect the nature materials, making colors and weaving. Sumba hand weaving is very good quality and strong clothes in Indonesia to day.
Sumba peoples are immigrant from many part of world, according to story Sumba people migrated from India and south of China that crossed to Sumatra, Java, Bali and arrive at Sumba Island on 7 – 8 century before or after Sriwijaya Indonesia empire. Research can not get at all till to day but Sumbaness artifacts, spirits and way of life that are holding now believed that Sumba people mostly crossed from Bali Island and Lombok Island.


Pasola is the biggest attraction in Sumba Island that showed every year to worship their ancestor and creator of their life spirits. The game is played by two groups that use horses to run whiles the rider through each other with spears. Point is collected from how many they can make bound to other people. Pasola is danger attraction can kill each other by their spears without medical assist after accidents. Local people normally use local medicine or herbs to put their body and with their magical spirits. You can imagine how they protect from this attack to escape their self. If you interest to see Pasola attraction in Sumba Island please come and joint tour package with Mega Komodo tours to share our service in our province.

How to get there:
Waingapu is capital of east Sumba regency, located east of Sumba Island can use for flight connection from/to Bali or from/to Kupang capital of East Nusa Tenggara. This moment Waingapu has daily flight from/to Bali by Batavia air and Merpati airlanes.
Waingapu is small town where the center of education, government office, trader, business and other sector that to grow economic of East Sumba Island.

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